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Our teachers are a dedicated, skilled group of staff with acknowledged expertise and qualifications in the education of children with special needs. Our teaching staff are supported by a variety of other staff during the school day. We have a school nurse and part time support from speech and language therapists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and educational psychologists. Classes benefit from high staffing ratios. 

Our support staff are made up of Cover Supervisors, Higher Level Teaching Assistants and Learning Support Assistants. Their role is to support the learning, care and physical needs of the children within the class. Some children are assessed as being in need of additional support, either to meet their medical or behavioural needs or in order to allow them to interact effectively with their environment or to gain access to the curriculum.

The school has a business manager, office and site staff who deal with the financial, administrative and premises duties within the school. We are committed to the continuing professional development of our staff. We ensure that all staff have access to relevant training to meet both their own personal and professional development needs and to facilitate the development of the school in line with strategic priorities.

All teachers have a wide range of in-service training, particularly in relation to special needs.

Our Leadership Team

  Lesley Elder          Nicky Wood          Sara Clarkson          Clare farley

           Lesley Elder                                        Nicola Wood                                 Sara Clarkson                                   Clare Farley

           Headteacher                                   Deputy Headteacher                      Assistant Headteacher                   School Business Manager

Staff Team Lists

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Leadership Team

Name Role
Lesley Elder Head Teacher
Nicola Wood Deputy Head Teacher
Sara Clarkson Assistant Head Teacher
James Tucker Inclusion Lead
Anne Marie Hughes Upper Key Stage 2 Leader
Michaela Russell Lower Key Stage 2 Leader
Ben Barnett Key Stage 1 Leader
Sophie Hill  Early Years Leader
Clare Farley School Business Manager



Name Role
Sophie Hill & Ruth White Teacher - Duckling Class EYFS
Ann Marie Morton Teacher - Otter Class EYFS
Rosy Jones Teacher - Dormouse Class KS1
Craig Thompson Teacher - Hedgehog Class KS1
Ben Barnett Teacher - Mole Class KS1
Hannah Roberts Teacher - Rabbit Class KS1
Alice Ewers Teacher - Fox Class LKS2
Jordan Sherrington Teacher - Squirrel Class LKS2
Mark Spindler Teacher - Badger Class LKS2
Michaela Russell Teacher - Deer Class LKS2
Lexi Asamani Teacher - Robin Class UKS2
Abigail Kempson Teacher - Owl Class UKS2
Nikki Jones Teacher - Kestrel Class UKS2
Claire Wright Teacher - Kestrel Class UKS2
Anne-Marie Hughes Teacher - Dove Class UKS2


Learning Support Team

Name Role
Abigail Eason Learning Support Assistant
Agnieska Borkowska Learning Support Assistant
Aisling McGown Cover Supervisor
Alice Woods Learning Support Assistant 
Alice Walters Learning Support Assistant
Amy Clark Cover Supervisor
Amy Chatterway Cover Supervisor
Amanda Dawson Cover Supervisor
Aneta Darmofal Learning Support Assistant 
Barbara Giza Learning Support Assistant 
Beverley Gee Cover Supervisor
Beverley Fuller Learning Support Assistant 
Charlotte Lane Learning Support Assistant 
Charlotte Duffy Learning Support Assistant
Chaveze Grant Learning Support Assistant 
Claire Bull Learning Support Assistant
Courtney Dennis Learning Support Assistant 
Elizabeth Peters Learning Support Assistant 
Emma Turland Cover Supervisor
Gemma Manyweathers Cover Supervisor
Georgia Oliver Learning Support Assistant 
Hayley Roache Cover Supervisor
Helen Johnson Learning Support Assistant 
Hilarine Thomas Learning Support Assistant 
Jacob Hadley Cover Supervisor
Jemma Carley Learning Support Assistant
Jodie Clarke Cover Supervisor
Jodie Leach Learning Support Assistant
Jodie Lamb Learning Support Assistant
Joy Scott Cover Supervisor 
Justine Mitchell Learning Support Assistant
Katrina Munson Learning Support Assistant 
Keirston James Learning Support Assistant 
Kelly Allen Learning Support Assistant 
Kelly Timson Cover Supervisor
Kelly Meadham-Smith Learning Support Assistant 
Lauren Marriott Learning Support Assistant 
Lauren Garnett Cover Supervisor 
Leah Eaton Learning Support Assistant 
Ligita Brusokiene Cover Supervisor 
Lousie Thomas Cover Supervisor
Lucy Martin Learning Support Assistant 
Lynn Care Cover Supervisor 
Marina Forskitt Learning Support Assistant 
Michelle Fensome Learning Support Assistant 
Mozzah Badruu Learning Support Assistant 
Narelle Bowers Cover Supervisor 
Nic Miller Learning Support Assistant 
Osma Khan Learning Support Assistant 
Papori Neog Learning Support Assistant 
Rachael Hibberd Learning Support Assistant 
Rachel Parris Learning Support Assistant 
Rahma Mohamed Learning Support Assistant 
Rose Evans Learning Support Assistant 
Ruth White Cover Supervisor 
Sarah Shortt Learning Support Assistant
Sam Wright Learning Support Assistant
Sian Maycock Learning Support Assistant 
Sophie Billington Learning Support Assistant
Sophie Clarke Learning Support Assistant 
Stacey Burrows Learning Support Assistant 
Susan Needham Learning Support Assistant 
Susan Allen Learning Support Assistant 
Susan Lewis Learning Support Assistant 
Tasleema Akhtar Learning Support Assistant
Terry Bird Learning Support Assistant
Tracey Dell Sanders Cover Supervisor
Vicky Wykes Learning Support Assistant 
Wendy Shanahan Learning Support Assistant 
Zoe Dartnell Learning Support Assistant 


Office Team

Name Role
Clare Farley School Business Manager
Jodie Walton Assistant School Business Manager
Katie Cooke Resources Manager
Abbey Townley Review Co-ordinator / Administrator
Louise Wilson Receptionist


Lunchtime Team

Name Role
Gayle Griffiths Lunchtime Supervisor
Hayley Fruish Lunchtime Supervisor
Kelly Anderson Lunchtime Supervisor
Susie Pitman Lunchtime Supervisor
Natalie Kendrick Lunchtime Supervisor
Mozzah Badruu Lunchtime Supervisor 
Kirstie Brown Lunchtime Supervisor


Site Team

Name Role
Dani Halton Site Supervisor
Wayne Coleman Assistant Site Supervisor


Specialist Support

Name Role
Janice Crane Family Support Worker
Beni Constantinou Conductor
Joy Scott Healthcare Assistant
Lorraine Sharpe Healthcare Assistant
Sue Lewis Healthcare Assistant


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